Pastors Charlie & Susie Coker

Charlie and Susie Coker are Senior Leaders and founders of Identity Church. They have been in the retail and wholesale lighting business for over 45 years and since 1998, have traveled in an itinerant ministry role all over the United States and abroad, releasing the Light of the Father’s Glory.

They have been married for 40 years, and have two sons, Jason and Bryan, two grandsons and three granddaughters.
Charlie and Susie have personally experienced a broken marriage and broken lives. Their testimony of God’s healing power in all areas of their lives is profound, and God is now using them to heal others. Armed with the healing of their marriage, and deliverance from racism (Charlie), they are effective in preaching and teaching those in the body of Christ how to rebuild their lives and make their homes Christ centered and empowered by the Holy Spirit.

Their calling is to raise up a God centered people who can and will operate in the gifts and callings of God, and release the Glory of heaven. They also desire to tear down the walls between the clergy and their congregations. They model that all are ministers, and encourage, push and prod, until the family of God is operating in the fullness of all God has called them to be.

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Are You Ready to be Immersed in the Waters of Innocence?

Do you find yourself circling the same mountain, going through the same basic struggles with no forward momentum? Are you critical of others' lives or ministry? You may need a baptism of innocence. In our pursuit of the kingdom of heaven, we often leave the place of humility and innocence by complicating God's grace; we can't forgive ourselves and hold others to a standard not held by God. By receiving the baptism of innocence, we return to the state of childlikeness that brings us into right relationship with Him and the body of Christ.

The Baptism of Innocence is a life-changer--or more correctly, a kingdom-changer. Innocence will restore a measure of the kingdom of God that has been missing, and can actually be used as a powerful weapon against the enemy. What if we could get this? What would it do if we embraced innocence? The body of Christ would immediately become safer, more pleasing to the Father, and would have an aroma that would attract the world to the church.

This revelation will open the church up to receive both the purity and the power of Christ. Charlie has a powerful revelation of grace that makes all things new and reveals the bride adorned in the glory she was born for.

-- Bill Vanderbush
Author and Pastor of Community Presbyterian Church, Celebration, Florida
The Baptism of Innocence is a revelation from God that will advance His kingdom far beyond anything we can imagine. Put your seatbelt on, because you're in for the ride of your life!

-- Matthew Sassano, Jr.
Lead Pastor, Fresh Start Church, Hornell, New York
How can someone get past a raw injustice that has been dealt to them--such as rape--and be able to forgive? This is the compelling message found in From Rape to Righteousness. Charlie and Susie Coker reveal their painful past in this very transparent story, and challenge every Christian to clean their own house, and then do the same in the church body as a whole.

Forgiveness is the hinge point of our relationship with Jesus, so we need to be actively pursuing forgiveness in every relationship in our lives--past and present. Only by doing this can we truly find freedom and walk in the righteousness of God--only then will the church truly reflect Jesus to an angry and hurting world.
On the heels of being treated like an orphan by men of God whom he trusted--even his own father--Charlie Coker went into a vision that would change his life forever. In the vision he saw a gym full of boxers in training, sparring together and using various equipment to get ready to fight. On one wall was a poster of an upcoming bout that read "Church Fathers vs. Kingdom Sons."