We support UCI by sponsoring a child and her family annually, Djounaylove is her name.  We also helped pay for a wall to increase security at their compound and we make donations that go to help the local community and pastors in Haiti.  The Senior Pastors at UCI are JeanJean and Kristie Mompremier

Reynosa, Mexico

In Reynosa, Mexico we partner with Minsterio Senda de Vida - this refugee center is on the banks of the Rio Grande River in Reynosa, Mexico.  Pastor Hector Silva & Marilu Lira head up this MIssion camp that does outreach to those trying to make their way through Mexico to the USA.  They also do  community outreach in several local areas and they have a home for the elderly within the camp.  We have supported this ministry's expansion this year with our finances.  We also sent a team member down for a construction trip and a ministry trip in the first half of 2021.  We are putting a team together to help with expansion plans at the end of 2021.

Accra, Ghana, W. Africa

In Ghana we support medical missions through Ghana, W. Africa Medical Mission - website ghanaafricanmedicalclinic.org they support and bring medical care to the outlying areas of Accra, Ghana, W. Africa.  They have also drilled wells in many of the local villages.  We have supported them financially and members of Identity Church, Dan & Terry Collins are active in their ministry and travel with the teams to Ghana when God calls them to.  

Local Community Outreach

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