Spiritual Training for Life's Battles

Scripture tells us that iron sharpens iron. It also tells us that confessing one to another is healing.Monday nights at Identity is men's group. it is a Time set aside for men of God to gather to pray, share, laugh, cry, and most importantly lift each other up.
This is not a Bible Study, this is Kingdom building.  
We believe that we are all brothers in Christ, with God as our Father. so together as sons, when we get together amazing things happen.
Men's group is a place of safety for guys to deal with the issues they face on a daily/weekly basis. Digging deep into the things that tend to hold us  back, and opening up to the light within. you can know that you are surrounded by support and love from brothers who will watch your back, and help strengthens you not to just to overcome, but to prosper in every area of your life.

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