Anthony & Kamanie  Andolino

Anthony was born in Newark, New Jersey. Raised a Roman Catholic, he always knew of the Lord, but it was not until the age of 18 that he accepted the free gift of salvation. Anthony knew from the day he got saved that his desire was to serve God in whatever function he could. Starting as a worship leader, Anthony has been attending Identity  church since the doors opened. He has served in worship, in youth, and now he is a regular speaker at Identity.

Kamanie Andolino was born in Trinidad,  raised in Christianity, and has been serving the Lord for years. They met when Anthony sold Kamanie a vehicle, and were married several months later.
Both Anthony and Kamanie have a heart not just for the unsaved, but also for those who have accepted Christ, yet still do not feel as they belong. It is their heart to help all they come in contact with understand God's unconditional love.